UNFAIR TARIFF At Shree Vrindavan Dham At Shree Barsana Dham

After speaking to one of the hotel managers at dham we had come to a conclusion that rooms were available but the neighbour hotel said no because he wanted to book the hotel room at time where he could charge higher during UTSAV time

Also there is no off season as its a dhaam devotees come regular

So my request to Mr.Yogi ji why can’t they fix a tariff a local room of Rs 700 to 1000 is charged as Rs 5000 or Rs 8000 for one day

Mr.Yogi ji should come forward and take an action Against as per the hotel manager owner wish to devotee wish

Kindly think from the devotee point of View how about the female devotees are they spending their one month salary for one day

Wishing to celebrate utsavs with lord and not getting a night stay at dhaam or Paying unfairly is not working in anybody’s favour except money making policy

Female can’t sleep on roads also female are students teenagers college students from different parts of India not only the married ones also single ones

I wish a particular tarrif is fixed beyond that you can’t charge unfairly and it works in favour of devotees as well as hotel expenses and the hotel runners

Special Report Deepali Chopra

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