Anchor , Singer, Motivational Speaker Krishna Varma Hosted and Moderated the Panel Discussion at the SIA I “Sustainable Conversations” For “Sustainable Transformations” For SIA Earth

Jun 17, 2023
Chandigarh embraced itself with an extraordinary event that ignited a sustainable revolution, Guardians Of The Green ’23, a pioneering initiative by SIA (Sustainability Innovator Awards)

With a powerful initiative to poise and ignite a green movement that transcends boundaries and inspires collective actions, Guardians Of The Green ‘23 successfully held its first chapter in Chandigarh on Friday at Hyatt Regency. Embarking on a meaningful journey towards a greener future, this initiative aimed at bringing a wave of environmental sustainability to Chandigarh. Organised by SIA, in collaboration with Chhapai.Com, Back To Source and Mammals And More, this groundbreaking beginning of a movement brought together visionaries, thought leaders and change-makers to champion the cause of preserving our planet.

The event witnessed insightful keynote sessions by Chief Guest and Ambassador Dr Deepak Vohra (currently serving as Special Advisor in Africa), Mr Ashish Vasudeva (Hewlett Packard), Professor (Dr) Adarsh Pal Vig (Chairman Punjab Pollution Control Board), Dr Mirza M Arif (Research Scientist) and Professor Siby John (Punjab Engineering College).

Anchor Cum Singer Krishna Varma kept the Audience engaged throughout the Conference with her mesmerising voice..She Enchanted the audience with her soothing songs while an internationally acclaimed artist was making an art out of the waste materials..She made audience smile and filled the entire hall with her mesmerising voice which was featured in major newspaper and media sites .

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