story of success


story of success

Name- Dr. Gopa Sharma Designation- Teacher Teacher Dr. Gopa Sharma Disciplinarian, determined, strong speaker, loyal, inspiring District Raipur –

Ability, knowledge of leadership and direction, adept towards innovations in education, deep thinking about the physical structure of the school, providing 100% admission to school dropouts, opposition to child labour,

running special campaigns to promote girls’ education, de-addiction. For environmental protection, traffic laws and other education related issues, hold seminars and conferences with the children and parents of the colony situated near the school and with the women groups of the nearby locality like infants,

children, adolescent girls, pregnant women, lactating women. To provide proper advice and guidance related to nutrition and health. Always striving after the school hours to provide guidance for sports, cultural programs, NCC, NSS, Scout Guide,

and competitive exams through mobile and personally to the children studying in the school and those who have passed out. stay . On the basis of the personal relations obtained from his social work, to provide cooperation in the development of sports material and physical structure of the school like- (water cooler, fan, cooler) for the children of the school with public cooperation.

To provide education to children through scientific technology while adjusting folk culture in innovation, juggling with junk, education in Angana, education in sports and games. As a result of conscientious dedication in the field of education, innovative educational activities and social work, has been selected for the Governor’s Award 2022.

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