Purani Haveli Ka Tahkhana with Ms. Tannu Shree

And, there is a biggest news coming from Jaipur, where treaser and promotional event was launched on September 23, 2023 of a short movie (Purani Haveli Ka Tahkhana) from WM film Production House whose Producer is Mr. Abdul Waheed Abbas and Associate Producer is Mr. Virendra Jaitawat, which is directed by Mr. Arvind Singh Rathore who has directed many of the biggest and good projects in film industry & all the actors and actresses have done great job, Also we can see working Ms.Tannu Shree (Actress and Model) in this project who is known for her acting skills. If reports are to be believed,

Ms.Tannu Shree and her team have worked very hard in this project, now we are eagerly waiting for this horror movie which makes the youth aware about drugs and we want to congratulate her and want to send best wishes to her and her team for this prestigious work and for future also.

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