Dr. Gopa Sharma received the state teacher honor

” On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Governor Vishwabhushan Harichandan was the chief guest, a state-level teacher honor ceremony was organized at the Durbar Hall of Raj Bhavan on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel presided over the honor ceremony as a special guest. School Education Minister Ravindra Choubey and Dr. Gopa Sharma from Raipur district at the felicitation ceremony in the hands of the Governor, for doing remarkable work in the field of education and innovation in education, knowledge of leadership and direction, strong speaker, developed the physical structure of the school. Thinking towards doing, School Tyagi motivates the children to study by holding conferences with the children of the slums located near the school to get 100 percent admission.

“On the basis of his social work and personal relations, with public cooperation, he has made arrangements for materials such as water cooler, cooler, fan, children’s toys, etc. for the children of the school.

He has started teaching from August 1, 2005 in Government Primary School. Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla has played the role of an excellent teacher for 18 years in the university campus. Along with this, the children have reached the state level in the Chhattisgarh Olympiad sports competition.

Chhattisgarh State Level Cooking Competition 2019-20 has been a Noel Adhikari in MDM and also in literature creation. Mrs. Dr. Gopa Sharma is interested, many articles have been published on the subject of education and literature in national and international journals.

Dr. Gopa Sharma is always striving for the development and upgradation of the school through various social organizations. She has motivated the dropout children to re-enter the school and got percent admission. By opposing child marriage, minor girls were saved before marriage.

She has got widow marriages done and she is a strong opponent of child labour. She taught the poor children of Ravi Shankar Nagar by going to every street under the education at your door scheme during the Corona period. Health check-up has also been done to the people of the township.

She has been honored with more than 200 honors in different organizations and social sector, as a special honor, she has been honored with APJ Abdul Kalam Shiksha Ratna, Bharatendu Harishchandra Sahitya Ratna, International Mother Teresa Award, The Most Inspiring Woman.

He has received many honors like Off India Award, along with the team of National Institute of Nutrition, Delhi and Hyderabad, has prepared a report after studying the nutrition level of school children of Rajnandgaon Dhamtari district. She tries to establish trust and prestige towards the government school among the parents and guardians around the school and to awaken the interest of children towards science and art through innovation.

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